Oleh: M.Arif Romadoni | 5 Februari 2012

EXPRESSIONS (ungkapan-ungkapan)

PENGERTIANExpressions  adalah  beberapa  jenis  ungkapan  yang  lazim  dipakai  dalam  berkomunikasi  ataupercakapan.


1. Introduction


I’d like to introduce myself, ______

Let me introduce myself, ______

Al ow me to introduce myself, ______

Let me introduce you to ______

This is ______

2. Greeting and Leave –Taking

(Selamat / Bertemu  dan Berpisah)

How do you do ?

How are you ?

How are you doing ?

How is life ?

It is nice to meet you

I am very happy to meet you

Hell o


Good morning, afternoon, evening, night

Good bye

See you later

See you soon


3. Gratitude and Appreciation

(Terima Kasih dan Penghargaan)

Thank you

Thank you very much

It is very kind of you


Congratulation on ______

Happy ______

Have a nice ______

Good luck

4. Apology

(Permintaan Maaf)

I am sorry

I don’t mean to ______

Forgive me

I hope you forgive me

5. Ability and Disability

(Mampu dan Tidak Mampu)

Yes, I can

No, I can’t

Yes, I am able to ______

No, I am not able to ______

I think I am able to ______

I think I am unable to ______

I can’t, I’m afraid

6. Certainty and Uncertainty

(Yakin/Pasti dan Tidak Yakin/Tidak Pasti)

I am sure

I am not sure

I am certain

I am not certain

I doubt that

I can’t decide

I don’t know

7. Agreement and Disagreement

(Setuju dan Tidak Setuju)

I agree

I disagree

I absolutely agree

I think so

I don’t think so

You are absolutely right

You are right, but ______

8. Like and Dislike

(Suka dan Tidak Suka)

I like it

I love it

I’m very keen on ______

I don’t like it

I hate it

9. Opinion


What do you think of ______

I think ______

Let’s talk about it

I wonder ______

Give me comments or suggestions, please

10. Asking and Offering

(Meminta dan Menawarkan)

Excuse me, May I ______ ?

Do you mind ______

Would you please ______

Would you help me, please ?

What can I do for you, _____?

11. Command and Prohibition

(Perintah dan Larangan)

Pay attention, please!

 Listen to  me!

Keep the room clean!

Let’s go!

Be on time!

Be a good student!

Don’t move, please!

Don’t go away!

Don’t worry!

Don’t be late!

No talking, please!

No smoking!

No parking in this area!

12. Warning


Watch out !

Be aware of ______ !

Be careful !

13. Preference

(Lebih Suka / Pilihan)

I like ______ better than ______

I prefer ______ to ______

I would rather ______ than ______

14. Exclamation


What a wonderful world !

What a beautiful girl !

How beautiful she is !

How big the ship is !

It is great !

Excel ent !

15. Sympathy

(Ikut bersimpati)

Take it easy

Don’t worry, everything wil  be al  right

What a pity

I am sorry to hear that

Poor you

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